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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
So in my opinion, it comes down to how much regulation do we really want from our government, especially at a time when everyone is b!tching and moaning about getting the government's hands out of everything. We want the gov't to regulate our specific little industry, but when the gov't tries to oversee and provide health care because it has become too expensive for the masses, then we cry foul. We can't have it both ways all the time.

Steps down from the soap box, and of into the sunrise for a morning hike
That's my basic feeling as well. I understand regulation to a degree and I can appreciate it, but we are talking about the federal and state government here and these people are arguably the most inefficient working bodies in our country. They have taken something as simple as tax code and turned it into something that you need 6 years of college to reliably accomplish. The idea of a free market is certainly a bit of a charade, but at some point there has to be a caveat emptor as well. The consumer is the owner of the market and they choose the risk to a degree. Just to do business in a 45 mile radius in a mid sized city like I am in it takes anywhere from 15-20 municipality licenses, let's not forget some municipalities require a city license for that area as well, a surety bond in some cases, a state contractors license and then to top it off I get to pay to pull a permit on half the jobs I do. Half the time when checking on latest plumbing and backflow code, when you call a certain municipality you hear the dead air on the phone when you ask such questions. Our government is in the business of collecting checks, they are a horrible enforcement body and for that reason alone the more regulation we have is only going to punish people who follow it. What I have seen pretty commonly here, the more regulation you saddle on small business trades the more people simply say F-IT and just wing it.

Personally, my business thrives off of jobs done wrong the first time. At the end of the day, it's the consumer's job to do their homework. Im not calling for deregulation, but simplifying legwork should be a must. Finally, the thing that burns me up more than any other. Pulling a permit and not being able to break ground on putting your guys to work on something until another part of the job is inspected first. IE, being told "no, you can't begin trenching and putting pipe in the ground until we see your backflow connection, we will be to your job within 48-72 hours." If you want people in our industry to ignore the rules, simply tell them that they can't let their crew of 4 guys get to work until it's convenient for them to get out to the job and look at it for 3 minutes.
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