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I keep a very tight rout with more than 150 accounts in Milford and then the rest are on the edges of the near by towns. So I keep our driving down as much as possible. It looks like were going to go for the EFI GOV mowers exmark now offers on their top models in the Lazer X class. They should cut our fuel by about 30%. Plus we will be upgrading the decks sizes so our 52 will be a 60 and our 60 will be a 72 so that plus the newer mowers have top speeds about 2-3 mph over what our tired old mowers currently can do. Which makes me hopeful the $9,144.68 portion of our fuel bill which is gas and used 95% in equipment can be reduced a couple thousand in the future. Despite the % of income spend on gas being nearly identical the last 2 years we did manage to use nearly 500 gallons less last year.
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