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Originally Posted by JDGlandscape View Post
does anyone have much experience with these motors with what they are rated for? I know GMLC has the gravely 52" cut with the smaller engine and it is fine.. I am more wondering about the gravely 460 with either the kohler efi or the kawasaki 850..

I have heard they have had trouble with the 850?.. I just dont want to be underpowered bagging with it on hills
I'd take he FX850 any day over the 29EFI Kohler. Kohler is still labeling their engines with the old rating system stickers which is false advertising IMO. The 29 efi is actually only 25.3 HP/38.7 ft lbs torque using the new system of rating, while the FX850 is true rated at 27hp/44.6 ft lbs torque.

I agree on having efi when possible, but not unless it is providing the same HP output as a carbed engine. PRO EFI ECV749
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I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.
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