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Z Spray won't start?

I recently changed out the stator on my B&S 16hp Vanguard and now it will not start. Right before I changed it it started fine as I was checking the output of the stator. I have checked and it is getting a spark and gas is getting to the carb. I tried spraying gas in the throat of the carb a couple of times and it backfired and caught the gas on fire but it did not crank. This kinda makes me believe the timing may have got off somehow but there is only one way the stator will go on with the woodruff key, right? Any ideas of something I may have missed or put back together wrong? I know this might be moved to the "Mechanic & Repair forum" which I've already posted in but I know anyone with a Z for very long has changed out the stator but probably will not look in the other forum.
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