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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
I drive a 11' 3500, crewcab dually 4x4, with Cymmins diesel. My lil bro has an 11' 1500 crewcab 2wd with Hemi. There is no way that motor in his truck could move my truck. I get around 11-13mpg towing my gooseneck, he gets around 17mpg on the highway, if i had a hemi in my truck my towing mpg would be like 7-10. Get a diesel.
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I'm jealous. My '08 Ford PS on my crew cab flatbed pulling 12k gets 6.6 mpg..

With that said, go diesel. It's more expensive up front and with repairs but you will have better pulling (and stopping) power if it has an exhaust break.

A T320 is a heavy machine and you will need a strong trailer. I don't think I'd want to pull a 12k trailer again with a gasser. I did for a few years with a 454.. 4-5 mpg, always overheating, no start off torque, etc.

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