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OK first thing you need to know is whats it going cost you product,Lic cost,insurence cost,pick up storage,handling etc. Okay 50 lbs bag of fert cost say 35.00 how much per pound 35.00 divided into total weight of bag of 50lbs=.70 per pound.lawn size 5,000 sq ft application rate per 1,000 is 3.8 lbs x 5,000=19 lbs of product,.70x19lbs=cost of fert 13.30 you can figure a bag wt of 50lbs will cover 13.100 sq ft based on a application rate of 3.8 lbs per 1,000 so at 3.8 you could 3 5,000 sq ft properties for 39.90 and have enough for 2,000 sq ft left over hope that gives you an idea whats involved
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