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Originally Posted by Groomer View Post
I thought we had "lawn wars" right here? You know, all the daily, endless drama of why this mower is the best, and this trimmer sucks and blah, blah..... LOL

I love property wars, one of my favorites. Can't forget Buckwild. Love that show also.

It'd be cool if they depicted it with companies are full service design/build/maintain (some in north, some down south or w.e) and show all aspects of plowing then it would be cool. Having a "lawn count" is ret@rded, it's about about a balance of quality and quantity not how many lawns you could possibly blast through. Also, having high end hardscape & pool installs would be interesting also, then people would actually learn how much goes into a large patio w/ fire place & freestanding walls, outdoor kitchen & bar all perched on a hill with a retaining wall.
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