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Originally Posted by dnc19694339 View Post
So maybe I would be better off selling them a pre-emergent for the beds and putting that down when I do first lawn application.

Have to figure out some pricing for this. This could be more profitable than the weeding possibly?

I have not used preen before, does it work well? Or what do you recommend?
I try not to spend more time than needed doing weed control. Hand pulling is really a waste of time. You are much better putting down pre m's that will need only a few apps for the year depending on location. I price in weed control in my prices because I don't want to nickel and dime clients for 5-10 minutes of work 1-2 times per month with gly that costs pennies. Now, if you have full beds and weeds are a problem, you need to look at irrigation because full beds have little light penetration so weeds typically shouldn't be a nuisance. I would rather focus my time on pruning, or installing, both jobs that will net more money and be a better use of your time.
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