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Originally Posted by PabsMaster View Post
Thank You, I far as I know you need a license. You can do it if you are not registered business. ( AKA sense I am not 18 and dont pay taxes) but like you guys said it is not worth the risk. Oh well, I appreciate it very much. Have a good evening!

You dodged a bullet there buddy. This may sound harsh, but just because your young, feel like you don't need to file income taxes, pay sales tax, or eventually franchise tax, does not mean you can install a system without a license.

The truth of the matter is that your conducting business illegally, and forcing down prices for the people that do it legit, pay all taxes, and support their families doing it.

Now that that's out there, your young and your learning. I am in Round Rock, and if you would like to sit on one of our crews during your summer break to learn your more than welcome.
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