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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
if Texas Inspectors are all that, then no real installer experience is required.
Most inspectors around here are clueless, they all have their "pet" regulations that they enforce to the nth degree. After they are done reaming you a new one for only have 5 1/2" of space between a hardscape and spray head they will overlook the fact that you put drip and sprays on the same zone (we never do that just an example).

We also have a lovely inspector that will fail you if the hose bibs on the house do not have AVB's installed on them. He reasoning is that irrigation is a "plumbing" permit and any code infractions are the contractors responsibility to correct. This is in spite of the fact that hose bibs have nothing to do with irrigation in TX since we connect to the supply just down stream of the water meter out by the curb.

They have no clue about proper coverage, hydrozoning, or head performance. All they care about is their "pet" codes and that no water is landing on hardscapes.
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