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Originally Posted by txirrigation View Post
I definitely hate the idea of more regulation, BUT, when the public's health is at risk then it's ok.
I hate waste and regulation but
Irrigation water is some pretty nasty stuff, I couldn't imagine not having a Backflow.
You're making this sound pretty important, almost health related.
Also in a lot if the country water is becoming more of an issue. Both effective and safe systems are installed by irrigators with experience.
If one worked on a new system install and or repair/ troubleshoot 5 days a week for a year that's only 260 situations. Since not all situations require a full day but many would last multiple days, let's call 300 situations a years work. That's not a lot of experience
Irrigation is not rocket science, so I believe 4 yrs is a little much.
A well seasoned journeyman will have 10 years under him, that is my opine but i am not alone with that opine
I believe a year of repair with your stamp on 20 installs while working under another irrigator would suffice.
Perfect way to perpetuate incompetence, many situations would have a hack irrigator teaching hack techniques to a future hack irrigator. I have seen the same in all trades. Irrigation is not unique in that respect.

There is not a single day that i do not learn something.
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