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I have an enclosed trailer and used the fast straps until I got a DOT inspection. I had both rear tires secured with the fast starps and that is illegal. Any piece of equiment over 5',they do measure, needs to secured at 4 points. Securing at the back tires only counts as 2 points. A ratchet strap across both casters counts for 2 points. I purchased e track because it is easier in my opinion to secure legally and gives more flexibility. I always thought I operated a legal business until that inspection. Pa. uses federal DOT laws as most states, So I was told. The fine per mower is 150.00 for the driver and 300.00 for the owner. That is 450.00 per mower and I have 3. A 21inch needs one ratchet strap and bungees don't count. Hope this helps. Matt
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