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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
its been about a month since i quit my job. i get calls every week, i have a little worked lined up each week and this will keep me busy until mowing season starts. I picked up the extra accounts i needed to make up the difference of what i need to help out with my wifes income. and i still got around 13k saved up for emergency funds, with truck and all equipment i need paid for! Its been boring overall, waiting for things to pick up.. but everything is falling in to place.

i made one mistake last week and underbid on a brush removal job, i ended up going home beat up and tired with 5 bucks for working 5 hours, yes like 1 dollar per hour. this doesn't usually happen to me either, but there was some confusion about dumping fees, instead of $10 a ton, i got charged a flat rate per load because i had "yard waste" that had to go to a seperate area.. so after my dump fees, gas and day care expense for my son for the day.. i had about 5 bucks! i got me two beers and called it a learning experience. other than that, i've gotten some good paying little jobs to tie me over till mowing season starts and keep me from raiding the savings to much..
Its hard to do much this time of year, I generally service my accounts once a month and try to get "mulch and straw" done. Accounts I spent 3 hours on, this time of year Ill spend 5 to 6 hours on just to geep my truck out there.
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