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Originally Posted by Mikegyver View Post
I'd encourage you to take the class/test and get your license. I started working on my license right before I turned 18, took the test a few months after my 18th birthday. If you study hard and work at it you can pass it. It wasn't easy but I think you can handle it. It has been great having the license. I enjoy irrigation/landscaping and that is where I am trying to shift my business's focus to.
The only down side is that it isn't cheap to get your license, I think it ran me 700-800 to get mine plus commuting costs (gas, meals, etc) to the nearest class and to the test in College Station.
If you have the opportunity work with a guy like TXirrigation or another good company in your area I'd highly recommend going with that. Having the field experience under your belt is a major plus.
Think of it this way, now you are encouraging a minor to compete against you as another unexperienced licensed contractor.

This new contractor with zero working experience is now competing with you.

Each time you shake your head and ask yourself "what was this guy thinking?" remember that you encourage poor workmanship by encouraging unqualified persons to purchase a professional licenese.

On top of that you are encouraging these same people to learn on the customers dime, oh and any work they take from you?, that's your dime too.

The only winner the way i see it is in the state coffers.
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