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Originally Posted by Jobber View Post
Hi Hi Hi,

Hey guys! Yeah we're definitely listening — for some reason LawnSite isn't automatically sending us the thread update notifications like it usually does, so I'm just manually checking around when I can. Sorry for the delay!

1. Equipment Maintenance Tracking - This is on our radar as we have had one or two requests for this. I will be honest with you though, based on feedback - this isn't a top priority for us so it will be a while out.

2. Start/Stop Button on Time Tracking - While we do have a way to enter this now, we agree that it can be a bit cumbersome. This is something that we do have near the top of our list that more people have asked for to help them with job costing. Of the 3 features mentioned, this will be here first.

3. E-mail Tracking - Every interaction with the customer related to quotes, billing etc. in Jobber is stored and readily available in the client view. However, we don't have a way to link email correspondence that you are having outside of Jobber. Once again, this is something we are aware of but we will be focusing on making Jobber tick perfectly from the inside first.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We truly appreciate it! I'm glad to see that there is some very intensive investigations out there and our favorite R+D partners on LS are working hard!



This all makes sense, as I feel the START/STOP feature is by far the most important and useful of any of these features.

I played with the new time & expense tracking the other day before my trial ran out. I liked it, but was surprised when I was unable to add a photo of a receipt to an expense from the iphone view.

I did really like how on a maintenance account it will list each visit with the applicable time spent onsite.
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