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I had a nice surprise today.
One is I did find out that if you plus 1 a site, it does influence your search but not a organic search by others.

If someone wants to test this for me and would like me to test for them I would be happy to.

I am a landscape lawn care company in Grand Prairie Texas - some feed back would be nice.

Send me your key terms an I will do same for you.

Now for the surprise. As mentioned by others on another thread, it sees that linking google plus to google local pages caused some issues. I stated in that thread that I believe some reviews did not show up. There was much speculation about the causes and concerns.

have been working pretty hard on the underbelly of my website.

I have verified authorship via google plus and linked the Google Plus badge to my site.
I deleted my old google plus page.

I went in and created a Google Local Plus page a few days ago.

That page is now showing my published reviews and some reveiws from clients I have not seen before.

I wish I knew the exact steps I took but it did involve deleting the google plus page and updating some of the local pages to my new DBA. I have even created a new google plus page.

So the trick is to link a google plus local to a local page not a google plus page to google local as far as I can tell.
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