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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Think of it this way, now you are encouraging a minor to compete against you as another unexperienced licensed contractor.

This new contractor with zero working experience is now competing with you.

Each time you shake your head and ask yourself "what was this guy thinking?" remember that you encourage poor workmanship by encouraging unqualified persons to purchase a professional licenese.

On top of that you are encouraging these same people to learn on the customers dime, oh and any work they take from you?, that's your dime too.

The only winner the way i see it is in the state coffers.
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First of all, this individual is 6 hrs away from my primary area of service. If he lived down the road from me I'd still say the same thing. We all have to learn!
Bottom line, around here there's plenty of work for everyone.
I am not saying that he should run out and get into business doing irrigation right away. I think he should work for someone else for a while and learn it. I wish I had. I'm lucky enough to have several "mentors" if you will that have taught me a lot.

With that said, I do agree that there should be a experience requirement to get your irrigator's license. There is on the backflow license. I don't even think the state even checks the experience references on the backflow license. So it really wouldn't do any good to require it on the irrigation license I guess. Who knows. I guess that's Texas for you. Its good and bad at the same time.
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