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I will chime I here. Currently running all gmc trucks. 4trucks have the 6.0 and two diesel, one which I drive. One any given day we pull. Sometime as light as a mower to a 32 ft gooseneck with equipment, sod, blocks, ect. Diesel is by the far my choice for pulling. The 6.0 engines do just fine with the same weight load and trailer configurations as those with the diesels. Mileage I really don't watch because its part of doing business for me. Each truck is ran to the 150k range and then we move on. Thus far neither engine has cost us money. We do our own maitanace on them but our diesels have a higher ownership cost vs our gas engines. Reason why fuel filters, dpf fill ups, oil filter cost more, and more oil into that Diesel engine. Gas oil filters, 6qts of oil, a little grease and were good. So does it make sense for a 10k option to go diesel? I am still figuring that one out. But I own two and I have 4 gasses. Best of both worlds for me! What I see from you is ..... Go gas if gm engine. 6.0 have been great for us. And if your pulling 2-3 days a week to and from, save some green and go gas. I can't speak for other trucks right now as we switched over to all gm in 2008. Best of luck deciding.
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