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[QUOTE=ddixon7;4665713]I have only ran my push mowers on one lawn in the last 17 years. Their back yard is very small and they have this garden gate that you have to go through that is only 25" wide. The only reason I mess with it is because the rest of the yard is huge and it is a nice account. So throwing a push mower in the back of the truck that day for that yard is worth it.

Other than that, no push mower here. We use the 36" on all the rest of the backyards with a small gate. Saves you A LOT of time using a hydro 36" over a push mower.[/QUOTE

thanks for the response. ya I currently am running only a 34'' stand on which works well, its quick and fits in tight spots and gates were you would normally need a smaller mower such as a 21but the 34 ruts are pretty serious. not sure if iam gunna get a larger mower 60'' and a push mower or just stick with the 34.
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