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Originally Posted by Jlin428 View Post
Hello everyone! I am starting up a lawn care business this year. It will basically be a one-man operation until I can get enough business to require me to start hiring people. I have mowed lawns growing up for some side cash and know the basics, but I want get serious about it and grow a business.

I created another thread ( seeking general information and tips on how to go about doing so, but this thread is specifically for info on spring clean ups. All I know about the topic is that it requires general cleanup of the yard and the first mow of the season.

I'm looking for all the information I can get on this topic:

-What exactly does a "spring cleanup" consist of?
-What should I charge for a spring cleanup in comparison to a regular service?
-When should I start doing spring cleanups? (I am from Connecticut if this helps)
-Fertilizer...? I am not licensed and have little knowledge on the topic. Is it something that is expected in a spring cleanup service? Is it hard to do or lean? Does it pose as an issue in regards to not being licensed?
-Any and all other tips/information/advise will be greatly appreciated!


Yes, I would also like to know what it takes and how to fertilize lawns.
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