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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I'm not sure I would put much stock into anything Joel Simmons has to say. His poor understanding of soils rendered him speechless when Dr. Schlossberg from Penn State pointed out that his attachment to BCSR was BS.

But, on a larger note, I don't think anyone posting on this thread adequately understands thatch. In lawn care, thatch isn't *that* big of a deal! I've seen some lawns over the years that were too thatchy, but those were few and far between. Remember, thatch can only be produced by an actively growing plant. If you have thin spots or poor growing conditions, you don't have thatch production!

Thatch management is a huge issue in intensively managed golf and athletic turf, but isn't much of an issue in lawns.
Hey Skipster you make some good points for discussion on base saturation......So I added this link so more can at least follow along

I can say from my own personal experience, some years ago one of the companies I buy from put me in touch with Joel and I went to a seminar he was a part of with soilfirst.

Joel helped me to think outside of conventional thinking (Universities were still mostly Synthetic Minded @ that time) and I begin to use the Base Sat Methods way, with soil testing and prescriptive fertilization/soil treatments.

This only opened my eyes even more on how we care for plants the soil and the soil food web.

Do you agree with adding organic matter to poor soil and the C to N ratios in favor of soil/plant health?
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