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you get your pesticide applicators license first (cat. 24). then after that you just gotta get proof of the insurance coverage and you can apply for the contractors license which costs a little extra. i got the books from UGA extension, it was 40. you just call up and they send it to you, i paid over the phone. i studied for a month then scheduled the test. it was really, really easy IMO. there is a big book, and a smaller book.. the smaller book was the one that seemed the most important to know inside and out for the test. the big book was just repetitive, but common sense stuff about safety and labels, etc.. i read through that once. and studied the turf and ornamental book many times.. lots of good info in there too.

there are a few informative threads on here about the ga pesticide exam.

as far as i know nothing else special for a mow and go operation other than your regular business license. i formed an llc and got a biz license with the county i'm in.

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What type of licenses are you required to have in the state of GA to apply fertilizer and herbicides (PreM, Celsius, Drive, etc)? Also are there any certifications required in obtaining a business license to run a landscaping operation (mow, trim, and edge)? I am thinking about opening a small operation here in the Columbus area (Midland GA), we are somewhat lacking quality landscapers in my area. I want to run a legal operation and get all the required documentation. I am not here to poach/price gouge any current companies, I am just trying to see what is all involved in running a legal business.

Thank You

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