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Laying Meyer Zoysia sod in Georgia red clay

Hey everybody. I know the sod laying question has been asked many times. I was going to do my first sod installation job with removing the old lawn and installing with some meyer zoysia sod. I have read all over the internet, searched all over this site and watched multiple videos on youtube about the subject and I want to make sure I got it correctly since I see so many contradictory statements.

1) I already measured they yard and based on my measurements I need 5 pallets of sod since its just over 2200sq feet

2) The current yard is full of red clay, i'm going to do a sample test of the yard to get my PH and soil content from 6in deep in the yard. Since its Ga red clay should I add some topsoil to it. If so how much should I add, should it be 2,4, or even 6in deep with topsoil over the red clay?

3) After getting my soil test that i was going to till up the top layer of soil. Should I till up the old lawn and soil together? and once I till it all up do i remove the old lawn or leave it there? and should I just rent a hand tiller or a motorized tiller to make the job easier?

4)After I till the yard and remove all the rocks/debris i'm supposed to grade the yard as evenly as possible with 1-2ft per 100ft slope away from the house correct? And what piece of equipment should I use to smooth out and grade the yard?

5) After that lay some starter fertilizer down correct? and moisten the soil 1 day before but not to much to make it to muddy correct? Also, any brand recommendations for the starter fertilizer?

6) Lay the sod down in a brick like formation starting at the most straight edge and run it horizontally from the slope of the grade correct?

7) Use a roller only half filled with water to roll over the sod to help pact it down more onto the soil since a roller filled with water will be to heavy right? Should I just rent a hand roller or a motorized roller?

8) And after all that water everyday in the morning for 2 weeks and wait until the yard is 4in high (about 6-7weeks) before the customer does the first mow?

Anything else I missed?
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