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Originally Posted by SydneyLawnCare View Post
I am going to hire out experienced workers to do the work while I sit back and do the business ends of things as I am more accustomed to doing business management rather then the labour side of things.
How can you expect your employees to do everything the way you want them to do it with out even being there and supervising them and actually working in the field?

I can understand that established businesses can do that but you're a new company.

Like others said go sit down with some one and make some realistic goals.
Im 17 as well and no way can you start a business that big with out growing into it, and actually working in the field rather then just sitting back.

There are companies out there that have grown to your goal of 250 and the owners are still busting there ass on a day to day basis to keep things the way they are supposed to go.

All in all good luck, but you gotta get real kid.
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