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Sherman, I actually like the idea of an OEM module. I took a really good look at yours and it is a really smart design. It reminds me of the Terralux module that Vision3 and CAST use, only with easier to change optics, and that cool locking/conduction cam. Smart idea. Any chance you will be publishing some performance specifications for it?

I don't know if anyone can say some fixtures work better with LED lamps than others. Obviously really cheap, leaky fixtures are not ideal, but in terms of thermal performance my thoughts are: if the lamps perform perfectly well inside very small, sealed fixtures then they are bound to perform just as well in larger fixtures with more internal convection currents / larger surface area (conduction).

No worries on trying the 'competition' Sherman. There is plenty of market out there for everybody. Its not possible for every distributor to carry every brand of lamp. Some will go with Brand I and others with Brand B.

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