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Originally Posted by SydneyLawnCare View Post
Hi guys, I am going to launch a service that is dedicated to servicing the wealthy home owner. It will be an all year round weekly service in which i PROVIDE all of the necessary maintenance services for the outdoors of the home. full maintenance lawn care, pressure washing, car washing, window washing, litter pick up, etc. All year round done at the right appropriate times of the year.

I am marketing to 50,000 homes in wealthy suburbs with door hangers professionally designed and copy written. I will do a multi step campaign in which I will deliver 3 door hangers over an entire course of 6 weeks. One door hanger drop every 2 weeks. My call to action is 2 free fertilisations added to the service package if they sign up now. I am also offering a double your money back guarantee. They are very targeted door hangers for this audience and the same is for the website.

They will go to the site, get drawn in by the copy and eventually put in a quote on the quote form. I will then give them a price depending on their property size and other small variables.

Out of the 50,000 homes, i am aiming for AT LEAST 250 home owners to be signed up for this service. I am going to hire out experienced workers to do the work while I sit back and do the business ends of things as I am more accustomed to doing business management rather then the labour side of things.

Could you guys please give me some response, feedback,etc. My questions are

1) What do the response rates for door hangers with multi step campaigns vary from and what are your experiences?

2) How much would you charge for a service like this? I am charging $380 minimum for the entire year. I am not sure if this is a bit pricey or not but in my city and the areas that i am targeting, there are high income earners that make $120,000-$250,000+.

3) I am already in the process of doing all of this as I am about to launch the campaign so any tips on the website and sales conversion once they make an enquiry?

Thanks a lot guys and I hope to hear back very soon! PS: I am 17.

I don't see how you are "more accustomed to business management" at 17. You aren't really accustomed to anything. Saying that at 17 ... To me as a 22 year old.... Means you are lazy. I am young so being 17 is still fairly fresh on my mind. Management? More like narcissist. Don't worry. I was the same way qt 17. I have since been humbled. And likely have a lot more humbling to go through.

Also, if high income in your area is 120k, you may find that you are in a tough local market. Median income in my market is 90k. Higher income here is 250 in to the millions. Nothing wrong with that. But higher incomes generally have a service already. If there service is reliable and does good work, you'll have a hard time getting them to change.

Your target will likely be median income earner until you get some more experience and maybe a reputation or brand acknowledgement.

I have more to say. But don't think you'll listen.
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