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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Working on a bid for a school campus. The grounds with the buildings is about 6 acres( buildings, beds, walks, etc). Then there is a newly purchase area that it wide open, its 4 acres.

I use a z-spray and I'm working on my labor cost. I figured I could spray the entire 10 acres in about 3-3.25 hours. I would have to fill up twice. I'm guessing that spreding fert only would be about the same time. Am I close in your experience?

Seems this will need to be prices at time + materials as I doubt that I could get my normal residential rate. Is $150 per hours in the ball park? I honestly don't have a clue on this.
I don't think you will do 10 acres in 3.25 hrs when you are spreading fert and spraying for weeds and being 2 differnt sites

I would give your self a little more time

Charles Cue
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