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I'll help change the subject real quick!
Jacob - not trying to hijack your thread, but I know millions of ppl follow this one!
If anybody is looking for a REALLY good long bed Dodge 2500 quad cab (2006 - so pre-emission control stuff) with 42000 miles on it - I traded one in at Steve White Motors in Hickory NC Saturday.
Jacob - I built what I think you would love. If you get a second to look in the trucks and trailers forum - i have pics in the detachable dovetail thread.
I am alot like you - lots of different projects! I tried to build the most versitile truck that I could think of.
Flatbed dump with a detachable dovetail. Now I just have to build about 10 different sets of walls and a leaf box and whatever else I can come up with.

Best of luck bud!!!
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