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I may live in FL now but I grew up in NJ. I shoveled my share of snow and been through many a cold winter. I'll take a high in the 60's in Feb any day!

Got the ebay carb. Used it with a few donations from my carb. The engine now runs fine at both high RPM and idles great. There is no sign of surging and the throttle response is very good. The only observation I will make is that this engine (Kawasaki FH601V) seems to be harder to start when warm (has to crank for a longer time) than I remember my old engine (Kohler CV20S) to be. I have a neighbor who had SCAG with this exact same engine (engine has since been replaced by a newer flavor of KAWI) and I remember when he shut it off and went to restart it cranked for a while. This may just be a characteristic of this engine?? It seems that when hot and cranking if you flip on the choke then cut it off it "coughs" on the off cycle of the choke and starts. Also, I do not have all the air cleaner plastics put back on yet so this could have something to do with it. Anyway, this is just an observation at this point that I might no even bring up except that I was quite fond of my Kohler. Next up: I will change the oil and filter. Then I will re-install the main pulley and the drive belt. The next big goal now that there is a running engine is to get it to move under its own power. When that happens, I'm gonna buy myself a case of coronas. If any of you guys are in SW FL over the next couple of weeks, come get a cold one!
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