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Originally Posted by JohnnyRocker View Post
You guys cut for 20 a lawn and less? Wow...Florida really is full of a bunch of illegal scumbags. We should give Florida to Mexico and nuke it all!!!
Us mowing less than 4k of turf for $80 bucks a month vs you mowing acre lots for let say $40 a cut which would be high from some of the northern guys post I have read on here....hmmmm let us examine this my little Carolina road scholar

On average then (assuming we went cut for cut with you, but keep in mind during winter we have less visits each month but are collecting the same $80)

Let say you get lucky and do not experience any drought, the customer does not call and tell you that it can wait a week and that they would rather watch you mow two weeks worth of growth for the same price , and you are lucky to get a full 30 mows in per the season.

Your numbers

1. You Grossed $1200 for the year for that account mowing.
2. You mowed 1,306,800 square foot of turf and trimmed it too

You did all that for $240 more per year than the Fl illegal/scumbag.

Now a $80 a month illegal/scumbag account for mowing only...assuming 38 visits per season/ year.

1. Grossed $960 for the year for that account for mowing
2. Mowed 152,000 square foot or under of turf mowed and trimmed too.

Now in case you are not able to figure out what I am saying...figure out what the Flordia scumbag grossed per square foot assuming we were actually mowing 4K lawns and what your price per square foot was. Let me know how are the scumbags are doing. Remembering time input into the properties IE trimming time for property for a acre is generally much more and so would blowing time be as well, population density/travel time between accounts, and then remember that your "nut gathering Mr. Squirrel" depends on granny not calling saying to skip this week or mother nature having a dry teet. If you are lucky you can fit how many in per day? For the FL scumbag that 4k or under lawn with trimming and edging is taking 15 minutes or less on property. That works out to be $1.33 per minute on property and even better when you consider he most likely has a couple of neighbors and their lots are the same or smaller and he spends no time loading or unloading for these properties and of course incurs no additional charge in fuel or wear and tear to vehical to arrive at these destinations.

You are right...we are all scumbags down here..but apparently we are scumbags with calculators

And lets not even get into the extras we get to hit them up Round up service which most people will sign up for because if not their beds will look like the Amazon in two weeks during the growing season.
Oh then there is shrub and ornamental trimming - You guys get to charge for that ...maybe once a year in a clean up, twice if you are lucky? Meanwhile we look at the property and get to hide the wiener on the customer here because we hit them with another flat monthly all year fee for this service. And in many cases when you figure out the rate per man hour you just laugh all the way to the bank, While you guys up north pride yourself on your few customers that actually have their shrubs trimmed once a year and how much you make from them.

Then we can move on to that most lawns require year round fert and squirt ...which most of us do not do but are smart enough to sub out all and collect our % ALL YEAR long not just one or two apps if lucky like some northern folks.

Now all that is considering the FL scumbag is mowing for $80 a month and many times as explained that is not the case and especially when you consider most pay more each month to have their shrubs trimmed as well, which can be as simple as some 4ft viburnum and a couple of schillings.

Don't worry , spring is almost here and then you can gather some more "nuts"
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