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I put 84 miles on the truck during the 10 inch storm we got this season but I'm never more than 5 miles from home on my plowing route...5 miles west, 5 miles north, 5 miles east (can't go south). I only get like 6 mpg when I'm plowing the bigger storms because I'm in 4wd a lot. Also the factory lot I do burns a lot of gas because most of the lot has to get winrowed and stacked in one corner so I'm in it deep and on the throttle hard and sometimes in 4WD low if it's a heavy push. At least my Silverado has a big fuel tank. The 20 gallon tank in my old truck was kind of a pain. I calculated horrible mileage in that truck and it took me a while to figure out why. When I do that factory lot it's forward, reverse, forward, reverse over and over. It had the old style odometer so any time I went backwards it took off the miles that I did going forward, thus my odometer under reported the actual miles, scewing my mileage downwards. Am I rambling yet? lol
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