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Originally Posted by turf hokie View Post
Using a z max and in the process of setting up an intermediate.
They are the only way to go. Others may argue that it is faster to pull hose on some lawns but my max is set up with a lawn gun and 100 ft of hose so I can get just about anywhere with the max.

Biggest reason I would say is I am not really any more tired on the last lawn as opposed to when I started out pulling hose, my production steadily declined over the course of the day. I can easily double my production with the z vs pulling hose

I am setting up the intermediate b/c I found it locally and felt it was a good deal so I grabbed it.
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I am glad that holganix and zspray came up because i just went to a seminar about holganix. I am currently at a point where i need either a rider or another applicator, truck, tank,etc. The salesman suggested we use his program for everything under 2 acres and then the regular program for bigger than that. I can't afford to run 2 different programs out of the same truck and i certainly can't justify a zspray if my guy has to pull a hose on half of the accounts. What do i do? I also use the truck for ornamental and industrial veg spraying, so time is short as it is.
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