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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post

that's it?

that's only a tank of gas for my pickup. that wouldn't cover the snow blowers. I guess I don't consider a tank of gas per storm anything to loose sleep over.
yup 85-100 that's it, I usually go through about 18-19 gallons per bigger storm like over 10" I don't consider a tank of gas per storm anything to lose sleep over either, I sleep very well, for 6-10 hours every night. my truck has two tanks and between the two of them I have put 40 gallons in total, but i really have to run them down far to fit that much in there, so in the winter i only fit 19 in the front tank and usually 16 in the smaller rear tank. I drive around in 2wd whenever possible. plus i never shut my truck off until i'm completely done with my route and at my house meaning it will idle for a few hours during my route. so that doesn't help my fuel economy but its fine how it is really.
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