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Originally Posted by tnmtn View Post
I had the nicest diesel truck i could imagine for towing. chevy 4500 and regularly had 9 tons behind it. When i got rid of that machine i didn't need the chevy to tow it and sold it and it's note and went back to using my old c65 chevy gasser. it's a paid for $4500 truck. the milage sucks but it pulls fine. a little slower but can tow whatever i put behind it. also, is legal to carry more weight than the 4500. purchase price considered and the premium to buy diesel at he pump over gas i haven't looked back. these trucks are a dime a dozen and may make sense particularly when just starting. you'll be spending plenty of money on a mini ex and skid, save some where you can. also, I'm not thinking there are many mountains around chesapeake beach, so it's not like a tough towing area. a gasser will do fine. the downside to the larger truck is the cdl issue, not that big a deal to get one but it is an issue. Good luck,
Out of curiosity, what engine is in your C65? Do you have an idea what you fuel mileage is?
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