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On that 10 inch storm I rolled out at 6:45pm with 5 inches on the ground until 12:55am and parked it, then rolled back out around 8:45am and wrapped it up around 5:30pm = 15 hours, but some bsing and leisure time in there and stopped to refuel before heading home. A friend of mine was in from Santa Barbara so I helped her with digging out the cars at her parent's and chatted. I was probably there an hour and got some awesome brownies from her It takes a while to do my place and I do a few neighbors for free as well as a lawn customer who is active Navy and out on a submarine. I billed it all at 2x my normal rate, but according to my terms I could have billed at 2.5 times. About 2/3 of my route got 2 pushes and the tail end got 1. I dunno, probably 25 paid accounts and 5 or so freebies. As long as I'm at $150/hr or so I'm happy. I generally don't get out of my truck at all while it's still coming down, so my first leg was all driving. I could have brought a helper for the second leg but decided I had it under control solo. Both of my sons are trained for stick plow and snowblower duty.
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