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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Think of it this way, now you are encouraging a minor to compete against you as another unexperienced licensed contractor.

This new contractor with zero working experience is now competing with you.

Each time you shake your head and ask yourself "what was this guy thinking?" remember that you encourage poor workmanship by encouraging unqualified persons to purchase a professional licenese.

On top of that you are encouraging these same people to learn on the customers dime, oh and any work they take from you?, that's your dime too.

The only winner the way i see it is in the state coffers.
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I agree, which is why I offered him a chance to sit on a crew, and learn to do it right. Then I would be competing against someone offering a high quality product, which I do not mind. The more good contractors there are the better it is for everyone.
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