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If you know for sure you can pay it off in time, those are great deals.. i've taken advantage of those type of financing offers whenever i could in the past. i usually hold onto the cash, I'll have the money to pay it out right, but i'll just make payments every month. then at the end of the year i just pay off the balance. I guess the reason i like to buy new is atleast there is some kind of warranty.. and the peace of mind that is new that it probally will last a while.. This year i started up for the first time "again" and i just bought an older exmark metro 36" for like 900 or so.. it runs and cuts good. I had money to buy new, but I did whatever i could to cut costs because i actually gotta try to make profit ASAP, and want money saved back for emergency funds in case i have a bad month, drought.. whatever.. I came close to financing a new gravely, they had a good financing offer... I just don't have the accounts to justify it.. so i bought the old beater in the meantime. mabee next year if i need a bigger mower i can get something better, and have this older one as a backup/gate mower..
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