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Originally Posted by Landscraper1 View Post
Just because someone is the lowest price does not make them a low baller. But if they price well below the average price (like 20%plus less) then yes, they are low ballers. Believe me I have my overhead down as far as possible. I don't think their are many companies in my class, in my area, that run as lean as I do.

I still cannot compete against the LC that hires illegals, pays no workers comp, no overtime, and deals cash, not to pay taxes. It's either that or a newbe comes in, not knowing any better and under prices, just to get work.
The worst are in the commercial market. Every year you hear the same thing "man I wish I could land some big commercial accounts, those guys have expensive trucks/equipment."

So that company underbids the current contractor because the contract is worth $25k. They never sit down and figure out it costs them $25k to maintain the contract

$18,000 is less salary than we pay the guy on the trimmer. If you want ALL of the headaches that go along with owning a business for $8.50 an hour my hats off to you
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