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Originally Posted by mmacsek View Post
My wife runs a truck by herself and had an accident a few years ago. We just installed e track and everything was secured with ratchet straps. The faststraps rotted and couldn't replace just the strap so we went to e track. The trailer is 14' open and very stout, diamond plate fenders,thick angle iron,etc. She was doing about 40mph and a car ran a stop sign and broadsided the trailer at the axles. The impact bent the fenders and both trailer axles. The point, a very hard impact and everything stayed secured. Like it was said above, there is alot of money in equipment. Matt
I just checked into e tracks and from what I have read on different sites they say "for enclosed trailers." What type of flooring do you have? I would like to install them on mine but I worry that my flooring of individual boards won't be secure enough.
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