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Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
My route can take 6- 11 hours. Saturday with 2 inches was 6 hours, today with 6-8 inches it was 8.5 hours. IMO, you should have a back up truck if you have a route like mine. Actually 2 of everything. I have 30 stops. 3 very small commercial, 26 drives and 9 sidewalks. I have a break down kit in the truck for the plow and snow blower for the simple break downs, but I have another truck and snow blower all ready to go if something major goes wrong. Don't normally need them, but this year needed the back up truck one time and the back up snow blower too. I keep the newest truck for the back up. Want to keep it out of the salt as much as possible. If I need the back up, I want to go get my best piece and know it should be better than what just had a failure. I also do METICULOUS maintenance on snow equipment.
I'm like you I keep back ups of as much stuff as I can. personally I don't have a back up truck or plow but I have people who can help with that in a pinch. but I'm usually doing snow removal solo and I always load my truck with 2 snow blowers and 2 to 3 shovels. almost had to use the back up snow blower last night.

Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
I burn 1 gallon per hour of plowing. I leave the truck running from start to stop.
Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
yup 85-100 that's it, I usually go through about 18-19 gallons per bigger storm like over 10" I don't consider a tank of gas per storm anything to lose sleep over either, I sleep very well, for 6-10 hours every night. my truck has two tanks and between the two of them I have put 40 gallons in total, but i really have to run them down far to fit that much in there, so in the winter i only fit 19 in the front tank and usually 16 in the smaller rear tank. I drive around in 2wd whenever possible. plus i never shut my truck off until i'm completely done with my route and at my house meaning it will idle for a few hours during my route. so that doesn't help my fuel economy but its fine how it is really.
yep I leave my truck running from the time I leave the driveway until the time I come back home as well. unless I stop for gas in the middle of my route which isn't very often. I usually make sure I have the truck filled and everything else I need before the storm.
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