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Originally Posted by clydebusa View Post
Have the Kohler EFI on two 72" and love it. And like several have stated will convert all to EFI eventually.
I love the efi technology, but there have been many scared of trying efi due to fear of the unknown. I have never really understood this for the fact everyone has the same technolgy used in the vehicles they drive everyday, and would never go back to a carburetor mechanical governor setup.

I've been running the Kohler, Bosch efi system since 2006, and have loved everything about it. The new Delphi components Kohler is now implementing are supposedly the best in the industry, the same as used in our vehicle fuel injection. I feel assured you have the new Delphi system, and once anyone ever owns and operates a mower with fuel injection, they never wish to return to the old style fuel delivery.

I have checked a preciously owned Kohler 27 hp engine on the same mower as my 28 efi, and the fuel savings due to the fuel injection was 25 to 30% constantly. The 27 was at 1.3 to 1.4 gph, and I have checked the 28 efi down to .93 gph. The check I did was to physically measure the height of gas in the tank at full, then fill back to the exact same height by ounces; after cutting exactly one measured hour, meaning my check was very accurate.
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