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Originally Posted by Andrew & Ben's Lawn Care View Post
Wow, lot's of numbers flying around for simple mulch calculations. A yard of mulch covers 108 sf. So round it off, 1700 sf. job use 17 yds. of mulch. You can round or use ratios because the plants, trees, shrubs will take up some of the bed space. I know there are other calculations but, who is going to use 1" depth in one bed, 3" in another bed, or 4" in yet another? Go with 3" depth is just fine and I believe the industry standard. My mulch suppliers are always generous with their scoops, so on that job I would order 15 yards. By the way Kajun, love your truck, getting mine lettered up kind of like yours this season.
It's basic math dude. If you are a business owner I would hope those numbers dont confuse you. And who said anything about putting down different depths in different beds? I simply gave the OP the inch-feet conversions he can use for future reference. I agree with you that using the 3 inch depth is fine for mulch, however you need to know the formula above for other jobs as well. What Are you going to do when you need to top dress a lawn at a quarter inch depth and you need to know how much material to buy? Are you just going to guess, or are you going to use that formula?
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