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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I wonder why Kohler would not follow what Kawasaki has done so everyone could be on the same page...this can be somewhat confusing to the buying public. I sure wish someone could explain the reasoning from Kohler's point of view. The end user only wishes to see in hard numbers exactly what they are paying for, and I believe this is what Kawasaki is now attempting to provide. I just have a hard time understanding why one engine manufacturer would provide hp information gathered from one testing procedure, and one from another.
I'm not sure this will answer your question well enough puppy, but last summer one of the members here sent Kohler an e-mail while we were having a similar discussion about the new ratings system regarding Kawi's vs Kohler etc. He posted the reply from Kohler and it was something very close to this-
"We have always rated the true hp of our engines and follow the current guidlines....etc etc", followed by something along the lines of "we continue to offer our customers the best that they can buy...." type of PR blather. Their reply got several people kinda wired up since it was a typical "cover our butt" type of reply.

I belive they knew they'd have to eventually make the switch in rating systems to avoid losing potential sales, but have tried to make it slowly enough to be able to sell off all remaining inventory of old rating labeled engines already crated and stored. Once that supply is gone, they will most likely switch completely over to the new rating numbers. JMO
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