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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
Just because you say so? So wilt is not a indication of lack of moisture. Then give an explanation of wilt. Beyond an obvious mechanical cause for wilt when you have a strong stand of turf. If waiting for wilt means you waited to long,,, means if you drink water when your not dehydrate or thirsty. I guess you just drink to drink? If you rely on man made technology to tell you when to eat or drink vs you showing signs. You are saying I can not tell you my requirement needs better than tools. Sounds like you require wilt causes education. In the end you are saying water before the signs of dehydration occur so to possibly overwater. Not trying to argue just trying to understand why your statement IS without explanation.
Not trying to argue? Perhaps if you understood how plants function, or soils function, or how to irrigate properly you might not think as you do. Typically people who dismiss technology and proven methodologies used by any real professional are those that are ignorant of these.

Curious though, since you seem to feel it appropriate to analogize, do you wait until you are on the verge of death to eat or drink? Of course you also understand that wilt may not be a sign of low soil moisture at all ..... right? How much soil water has been depleted from the effective root zone of the plants you are irrigating when you observe wilt?
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