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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
Ill just add my 2 cents, because thats all I can add.

To operate my SOLO business requires all of the following or I could not stay in business;;;;

I have to be a truck mechanic.

I have to be a small engine mechanic.

I have to be a tool sharpner.

I have to be a plummer.

I have to be a welder.

I have to be a salesman.

I have to be a bookkeeper.

I have to be a secetary.

The whole point being operating a lawncare business is a whole lot more than pushing a lawnmower. Some call it unskilled but anyone working for the "man" would trade places with all of us if they were able too.
Very well said. I learned to mow and trim in a week. That job pays $10 to $15 per hour. It has taken years to learn how to make money at this business. Just like Larry above, in my opinion the skills that make/save me the most money are mechanical and sales.

If you can't repair your own stuff, you either pay to have it repaired, or you constantly trade in and buy new. And broken equipment (even under warranty) means that you are not working, not generating revenue. Or you must keep backup machines.

Sales skills will bring you more business, at higher prices. You learn how to communicate your business terms in a way that the customer can understand and appreciate. And it involves walking away from bad business. Not taking work that you may not make money on. Staying away from PITA customers. Knowing how and when to say "no".

However, I am in competition with anybody and everybody that has a mower and a blower and a $20 classified ad in the paper. It takes no money, skills, or experience to compete with me.


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