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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Not trying to argue? Perhaps if you understood how plants function, or soils function, or how to irrigate properly you might not think as you do. Typically people who dismiss technology and proven methodologies used by any real professional are those that are ignorant of these.

Curious though, since you seem to feel it appropriate to analogize, do you wait until you are on the verge of death to eat or drink? Of course you also understand that wilt may not be a sign of low soil moisture at all ..... right? How much soil water has been depleted from the effective root zone of the plants you are irrigating when you observe wilt?
Everybody knows, YOU ARGUE. Your analogy of would I wait till the verge of death to eat or drink. Would only happen if I could not give myself what I needed when I knew I needed it. I can help myself to my needs as needed. Turfgrass can not. It cannot water itself if it's dehydrated. It cannot give itself more food if it is lacking nutrition.

I know all about your tools and methodologies. These items lack one thing my brain has,,, reasoning and ability to problem solve with wisdom. I can think... Tools can not.

Turfgrass has many stages of signs of drought, before drought damage occurs. Slight wilt, folding foliage to lessen its exposure to the sun, discoloration due to harsh drought. I do not teach to water right before death. That would be foolish. The tools you mention, like say a rain guage. It is only set to turn off a system after a certain amount of rainfall or applied moisture perceived. If it turns off a system. It has no way of knowing what may cause drought, like say 35 mph wind the next 5 days created major dehydration. Does the sensor know environmental causes of drought daily or weekly? No. But my brain does.

My fingers get tired. You want a good honest meeting of the mind. Not looking to argue but to discuss experiences e-mail me at I will give you my phone number. I welcome a gentleman discussion. I don't know everything, just my experiences. I'm opened minded!
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