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The thing is...some guys are perfectly happy to net $500 for a week of work.

They will work their a$$ off to mow 60 lawns a week, pay a helper, pay for gas, machinery, insurance, etc. Then when all is said and done, they are making $15 per hour and are happy. It is a big step up from working for someone else for $8.

What they fail to comprehend, is that they could do the same work and make double or triple by simply charging more money. But to some guys, that is an unrealistic goal. They have a $15/hr mindset. They say stuff like "I don't want a fancy truck payment", or "I paid cash for everything", or "My overhead is low", or whatever other foolish excuse they want. Bottom line, they don't think they are worth the money the other guys charge.

Personally, I would rather cut 20 lawns for $50 than 50 lawns for $20. Some guys disagree. To each his own.

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