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Originally Posted by BeachysLawn View Post
Maybe I am wrong, but it seems as though most of you are feigning annoyance because people are installing junk systems when you are actually just upset that you are losing the jobs. Sure that is frustrating, but are you certain that's a good enough reason to get the government to be your hired gun and kill off your competition?
For me, it's more the phone call 6 months after the client realises they have a junk system and call me to fix it. Most of the time all the pipes and sprinklers have to be re-done. I also get very disheartened when I do a service call and the systems is just rubbish. I have walked away from some service jobs because they are so bad.

I hate people paying good money for rubbish. If I lose the job to a good contractor I'm not fussed, but when I can see the system is just a pure POS I feel bad for the client when I tell them It basically has to be re-built ad they have to pay their money again.

I have too much work to handle at the moment, so it's not about not having work. People being ripped off sh!ts me to tears and it gives the industry a bad name.
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