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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Just b/c you have 'almost no overhead' doesn't mean you should discount your services.
I couldn't disagree anymore. I'm no fan of charging X amount or Y amount just because I can.

if I set up a business and wanna earn a certain % profit I'm gonna use my numbers to get that profit. if my numbers (expenses/overhead) happen to be lower allowing me to get my % with a lower price I'm gonna do that.

if I can earn my % charging $30 when the other guy has to charge $45, I'm not gonna charge $45 just because others are and can.

my min for example is $25 a lawn. I'm solo with very little over head. my buddy has his min up to $30-$35. he has 6 employees. he probably needs his min up that much to make a profit on a yard he charges the min. I can make the same profit with $25 that he makes charging $35. could I get $35. I'm sure I could since a lot of guys with employees are getting that but I'm making the kind of profit I want and need to make. which is why I'm in business.
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