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- I would take a look at Google and seomoz's SEO Beginners Guides and then apply what you learn to your site (Title, H, Meta Descrip tags).

- The photo in your banner is pretty fuzzy which, when combined with the blues/grays of your site, creates an overall image of haze. You might want to find an image that has a better, clearer color pop to offset that.

- You might want to work in a couple of photos on each page to break up any content monotony that might occur.

- The Services page is an awful lot of italicized text. Italics should be used to accentuate something, but not vast swaths of text. To me, it looks like it's just as easily an entire page of testimonials, which people often give the overly italicized treatment.

- Service page content... I'd tighten up the writing and expand the details a bit. For example:
-Lawn Care:
Our speciality and something we take pride in. Let us take care of your lawn with precision. Whether it be residential or commercial, we will keep your property looking great.
This leaves quite a bit open to interpretation. Does Lawn Care include applications? Mowing? Edging?
-Dead fall cut up for firewood (can split if needed):
Have blown down trees laying all over the woods? No problem we'll clean up the mess and even split that nice, dry wood for you to burn for home use.

This Firewood section could stand a serious rewrite. It's a grammatically awkward read.

- For some reason, your Analytics ID is outside of the appropriate DIV tag, appearing in the bottom left corner of each page.

- You need your service area/contact info, on each page. You make it easier to contact your web host, via their link on each page, than you do your own company.

- The Estimating page has a different banner than the rest of the site (no logo).

- The Contact and Estimate pages are redundant.

All in all, looks good, just needs some tweaking and SEO applied.
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